Reliability, speed, universality, simplicity of use and incredible passability. And yes, all these attributes can be combined in one vehicle. We present to you the new unique all-terrain vehicle ATLAS
Overall dimensions of Atlas and the amount of useable space make this all-terrain vehicle universal. It can be modified for any tasks and purposes on customer’s request. Passengers number can be as much as 12 persons. Construction of interior allows deployment of a stretcher.
  • weight - 2200 kg
  • max load- 1500 kg
  • no trailer needed
  • max capacity - 12 passengers
Incredible passability
Air suspension with vibration dampener, as low as possible center of gravity, high ground clearance, differential lock, control system for both pairs of wheels – Atlas has a huge variety of techniques to deal with any kind of off-road terrain.
travel speed on land - 60 km / h
travel speed on water - 7 km / h
Simplicity of control
Every person, who has the skills to drive a car, can operate the Atlas without difficulty. Control system is the same.
all wheel drive - 4x4
steering wheel
High maneuverability
Thanks to control system for both pairs of wheels, vehicle can be easily operated and has outstanding maneuverability. Atlas’s turn radius is smaller than a passenger car turn radius, which is important on rough ground.
  • 3 operating modes of swivel wheels
  • maximum engine speed - 4500 RPM
Long service interval
Combination of innovative engineering solutions makes Atlas one of the most reliable all-terrain vehicles in its category and that’s why it demands maintenance less frequently. Service interval is 200 engine hours.
  • service interval is 200 hours